Symposium for Extra-Curricular Activities
Engineer as the world stands, means a professional, and a professional should never and never be a bookworm. He/She must have a well groomed persona with multi dimensionally developed skills in his armory. Keeping this in view the Technical Campus has given its students (the future Engineers) a mega platform namely Society for Extra Curricular Activities (Abbreviated as SECA) to give them abundant opportunities to develop their interpersonal skills and explore their creativity and innovation. Students are given a chance to plan, co-ordinate and manage the events themselves as it was thought that mere participation did not solve the purpose for which SECA was formed. To achieve its goal, a student body is formed every year at the start of the session by the Faculty In-charge and Secretary of the society. To cater to various aspects of a student’s personality, SECA has been segmented into four sections:
1. PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT: This section looks after activities which help in overall development of the personality of the students like developing oration skills, improving communication skills etc.
2. CULTURAL ACTIVITIES: These activities play a pivotal role in keeping the students rejuvenated and refreshed. These activities infuse the spirit of enthusiasm & rapturous jubilation in their cumbersome daily routine. It also gives them a platform to polish their artistic abilities.
3. HOBBIES DEVELOPMENT: The section of hobbies development brings to light and develops the hidden facets of one's life through numerous activities like painting, poetry, sketching, pottery, Rangoli making etc.
4. MOKSHA - THE MUSICAL TROUP: It nourishes the musical, instrumental and vocal talents of the Technical Campus. All the activities mentioned above are organized regularly throughout the year. "JASHAN"-THE ANNUAL CULTURAL FEST: It is the annual cultural extravaganza of the Technical Campus which is generally organized in the month of April at inter-Engineering/National level.
Mr. Sukhwant Singh, Assistant Professor, ME (Chairperson)
Mr. K. Sunil Behal, Assistant Professor, DASH (Secretary)

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