Central Amenities
To cater to the everyday needs of students, staff members and their families residing in the staff colony, Technical Campus has a shopping complex located in the center of academic area, hostels and staff colony. It includes a grocery shop, a stationary shop, a photo-state shop, a confectionary shop, a barber shop, a dhobi shop and a fruits & vegetables shop. The quality of services provided by shopkeepers is duly monitored by Technical Campus authorities. In addition, there are some special amenities listed below for the comfortable stay of its residents:
  1. Canteen Facility and Nescafe Outlet
Shopping complex also houses a canteen and a Nescafe outlet for providing fresh and hygienic food items to students. Students can enjoy snacks and relax in the heavily wooded lawn situated in the area between canteen and Nescafe outlet.
  2. Gymnasium
Technical Campus boasts of a state-of-the-art gymnasium situated in Block-G. For the benefit of campus residents timings for boys, girls and staff are scheduled separately.
  3. Bank and ATM
Branch of State Bank of Patiala is located in the Market Complex. ATM of the same bank is also available for 24 hour cash withdrawal facility on the main gate of the Technical Campus.
  4. Post Office
Technical Campus also has a Post Office situated in the Market Complex. An exclusive PIN code 152004 is allotted to its operational area that mainly comprises this campus. Apart from regular facilities like Speed Post of any post office, students can also take benefit of small savings schemes of the Post Office.
  5. Guest House & Guest Rooms
Technical Campus Guest House is situated in staff colony. Its services are mainly utilized for official guests of the Technical Campus. Apart from guest house, one guest room is also available in each hostel. Hostel guest room facility is available for student’s benefit at nominal rents as per hostel rules.
  6. Staff Colony
SBSSTC has a unique distinction among all the engineering Technical Campus in Punjab that almost its entire regular faculty stays inside the campus. The staff colony has six categories of houses, a children’s park and all the necessary facilities and amenities for a pleasant stay of staff residing there.
  7. Dispensary
The Technical Campus has a Health Centre to provide basic medical facilities. It acts as a centre for medical help to both students and staff. At present it is having a part time qualified doctor and requisite para-medical staff to ensure efficient in-house medical facility.

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