Sports Facilities
Participation in games and sports activities and competitions has tremendous potential for better education of humans, especially the children and youth. Participation in physical education & sports ensures better health of the people and has preventive function against various illness and diseases of the present day man who is becoming more and more physically inactive. Sports serves as a very good means of recreation for the modem civilization which is becoming increasingly prone to psychological stress of modern day living and work condition. For the proper utilization of leisure time Technical Campus have a vast lush green play' fields measuring 245x245 meter. In this area playgrounds such as 400 meter, athletic track, hockey ground, basketball ground volleyball, lawn tennis and badminton. All the playgrounds are watered with water sprinkling system. The cemented courts are available. Indoor games like carom, table tennis, chess are available in each hostel. The Technical Campus has started fitness centre in the campus. The Technical Campus also plans to have a swimming pool.
Dr. V. S. Bhullar
Director, Physical Education

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