TEQIP-II: Fund Distribution for Key Activities
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S.No. Activity Category of Expenditure Percentage Cost (INR in Crores)
1. Improvement in teaching, training and learning facilities (I) Procurement of Goods:
     (a) Equipment (40%)
(b) Furniture (2%)
     (c) Books, LRs & Software (5%)
     (d) Minor Items (1%)
48% 4.80
(II) Refurbishment (Minor Civil Works) 5% 0.50
(III) Consultant Services 2% 0.20
2. Providing Teaching and Research Assistantships to increase enrolment in existing and new PG programmes in Engineering disciplines Teaching and Research Assistantships 10% 1.00
3. Enhancement of R&D and institutional consultancy activities Research and Development 2% 0.20
4. Faculty and Staff development for improved competence based on Training Needs Analysis (TNA) Faculty and Staff Development 10% 1.00
5. Faculty and Staff Development Industry Institute Interaction 4% 0.40
6. Institutional Management Capacity enhancement Institutional Management Capacity enhancement 3% 0.30
7. Implementation of Institutional reforms Institutional Reforms 2% 0.20
8. Institutional Reforms Academic Support for weak students 4% 0.40
9. Incremental Operating Cost The costs of operation and maintenance of equipment, office expenses, hiring of vehicles, salaries and allowances of additional staff and travel and supervision costs incurred for the purposes of carrying out the Project. The cost includes organizing workshops, seminars etc., all expenses for training programme including training / course fee, consumables, Consultants (experts) fee related to R&D. 10% 1.00
Total 100% 10.00

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