Student Hostels
The Technical Campus has Three (03) hostels for boys namely Satluj Bhawan, Ganga Bhawan and Beas Bhawan. Following are the main features of these hostels:


Satluj Bhawan and Ganga Bhawan have 91 dormitory rooms each with a capacity of 3 to 4 students, while Beas Bhawan has 202 double seater rooms.
Each Hostel has a TV room with cable connection, a guest room, a room for-in-door games and a recreation cum reading room.
Each hostel has a warden office and a manager’s office for its smooth functioning.
Each hostel is running co-operative mess. Students themselves ensure the quality of the food served, decide the menu and manage all the matters.
The reading room of each hostel subscribes many magazines and newspapers.
Beautifully landscaped lawns are developed in front of each hostel providing students eye-soothing and refreshing surroundings.
The Technical Campus has Two (02) hostels for girls namely Sarswati Bhawan and Mata Gujri Bhawan. These hostels for girls have 29 dormitory rooms each with a capacity of 3 to 4 students and 79 two seater rooms. The girls hostels are also provided with the same facilities as described above for boys hostels. In addition to that one badminton court is also provided inside the Saraswati Bhawan.
Hostel Rules
Hostel Wardens
Dr. R.P. Singh Associate Professor, DASH Chief Warden 8054011077
Mr. Harinder Pal Singh Assistant Professor, EE Warden, Satluj Bhawan 7889133059
Mr. Vikram Mutneja Assistant Professor, ECE Warden, Beas Bhawan 9463316795
Mr. Sunny Behal Assistant Professor, CSE Warden, Ganga Bhawan 8288012007
Mr. Sandeep Singh Assistant Professor, ARCH. Warden, Yamuna Bhawan 9888778800
Ms. Anupam Mttal Assistant Professor, EE Warden, Saraswati Bhawan 9041403215
Ms. Anupam Mttal Assistant Professor, EE Warden, Mata Gujri Bhawan 9041403215

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